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Caring for outdoor furniture in winters

Taking care of outdoor furniture can be quite the hassle, especially in the cold winter months. Every piece of furniture requires a separate treatment and care guide, depending on the materials they are made of and the weather conditions in your area. You can effectively extend the life of your outdoor furniture by taking a few preventive steps this winter!

  • Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture can be the cheapest to buy, but the most expensive in the long run! If you have plastic chairs, tables or benches in your gardens, lawns or patios, it is important to protect them against the ill-effects of the harsh winter months. As the temperature drops, plastic starts to get brittle and can even crack if kept outside at all times. Bringing it indoors during the night and washing it using soap and water at regular intervals, while ensuring that the furniture stays dry at all times, is the way to increase longevity of the furniture.

  • Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture can be damaged by snow and sleet if it is kept outside and unprotected. You can ensure a longer and healthier life of your patio and garden furniture by gently scrubbing the pieces using a mixture of a cup of ammonia, half a cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of baking soda added to a gallon of water. Keep the furniture completely dry at all times, as moisture from the air can enter the wood and cause it to crack. Putting a protective sealant can also help protect the furniture against moisture damage.

  • Metal-based Furniture

Before winter sets in completely, it is advisable to prepare your metal-based furniture by thoroughly cleaning it. You can use water and detergent to clean the surfaces and then hose off using water. Once the surface is clean and dry, you can strengthen the finish by adding a layer of spray paint and supplementing it with an extra layer of car wax. This will prevent rust from forming on your furniture. But be warned - metal furniture can be hard to sit on in the winter given how cold it can get! 

  • Fabric-based Furniture

In the case of fabric-based furniture which has cushions and mattress as a part of its structure, proper care must be taken to ensure that it does not gather mildew. You can take off the covers and wash them in water with added bleach (after checking the label) to keep them clean and healthy. Alternatively, if you cannot take off the covers, a mild detergent can be applied using a brush before rinsing the cushions off with water. This works well for the monsoon season too.

  • Wicker Furniture

In order to keep wicker furniture looking good as new, even throughout the rough winter, it is important to follow these few easy steps. You can brush the surface of your furniture with a solution of bleach with water. Then, rinse it off with water and leave it to air dry. This way, you can keep the mildew at bay! To protect the legs, apply moisture repellent on the edges of chairs and tables. 

No matter what type of furniture and no matter where you have kept it, you can keep all of them safe and good-as-new by following the above steps. These simple precautions can ensure that you keep enjoying your evening tea in the patio or late-night radio sessions on the patio, uninterrupted! You can carry out these steps at home, or work with your local contractor to ease the process and prepare for the months to come. Happy winter!

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