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Choosing the right doors!

Doors are an excellent way to make the perfect first impression! Be it the entrance to your home or doors separating two rooms, you can truly define a space by using the right door. Experimental doors with intricate designs, bright colours and complex shapes have been used for centuries, to great effect! Here are a few ideas that you could adopt when designing doors for your home. 

  • Arched Doors

If smooth, rounded corners define the aesthetic of your home better than sharp edges and straight lines, then arched doors are for you! They set the design expectation for your home right from the get-go. The soft curves can then be replicated throughout the home, in the hallways, furniture and furnishings, to make a strong style statement that you can carry around all the rooms of the home! 

  • Glass Doors

Glass doors are ideal to demarcate a space without making a hard barrier between two spaces. Apart from offering great aesthetic appeal, they are a great way of letting in more light and opening up space. You could consider part-glass doors, full stained or crushed glass doors, or glass panels within a wooden door. Glass doors with wooden frames offer the perfect combination of traditional and modern, making them a great fit for almost any home! 

  • Colourful Doors

A coat of paint can work wonders to turn your simple wooden door into an accent piece! Brightly coloured doors not only add a pop of colour to your décor, but also work towards breaking the monotony. A simple white wall can be brought to life by introducing a red door to it, for example. And that’s not just true of lighter coloured walls – bright doors also complement darker walls. For example, a green door with a purple wall offers a bold style statement!

  • Carved Doors

Intricately designed, carved doors have been making appearances in some of the world’s greatest civilisations, for centuries! You can bring the same grace and royalty to your home by putting a wooden door with impressive, carved detailings. You can choose to have one or all doors carved… and prepare to be showered with compliments! 

  • Minimal Doors

If standing out is not what you want your doors to do, then go for a minimal design that blends in with the surroundings. Minimalist doors work great if you are trying to declutter or have a relatively small space. By simply removing the door from the forefront and putting it into the background, you can create the space for the rest of your interior to shine!

Now that you have all these ideas running around your head, we are sure that picking the right doors for your home will be a breeze. Whether you are going for a brand-new door or making changes to an existing one, these style ideas can help you make more informed choices for a more beautiful home!

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