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Dream in Colour!

The bedroom is the most intimate space in the home and it is of utmost importance that it reflects the personality of its inhabitants, without being overpowering. Choose the colors of the bedroom and its furniture very carefully. There’s a practically inexhaustible list of options when it comes to color schemes and furniture choices that you can employ to make the bedroom inviting. Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas! 

  • Chic blues

Darker, deeper shades of blue are definitely the hottest color trend, and have been so for the past many seasons. The reason why the world has turned blue is that it gives a chic and elegant finish to any space. Everything from your bedclothes to wallpaper, ottomans and side tables can be chosen in multiple shades of blue and thrown into the mix to give any room a cool, refreshing and elegant look!

  • Warm beiges and off-whites!

If the bedroom that appeals to you is one that looks inviting and cosy from the first glance, then you should opt for lighter furniture shades. Off-white beds with a beige coloured chaise longue in one corner, accentuated by a warm coloured lamp make the room immediately welcoming. Indoor planters in one corner, on a plant stand or hanging from the ceiling, also helps add an earthy touch to the bedroom. 

  • Black Furniture

Darker furniture, like black or dark-brown beds, wardrobes and side tables are also an excellent choice, even in smaller spaces. Dark colours immediately give the illusion of depth. You can accentuate the effect by painting the walls in a deeper colour as well. You could even go for walls painted in a dark grey or deep blue! Again, indoor plants offer a stark contrast, providing a fun way of playing with colours and adding a splash of light in the darkest room. 

  • Wholly whites!

If you love coming home to a clean space that looks open and breezy, then all-white themes are the way to go! All-whites have been a favourite across the globe for quite some time now. And little surprise! Combine a white bed with white furnishings like lamps, side tables, wardrobes and put them against white walls to get a room with softened edges, a place that plays with natural light throughout the day. 

  • Good ol’ wood!

There is nothing that can compare to the rich earthiness of wooden furniture! The natural textures and hues of wood can make any bedroom look immediately more artistic and well-designed. Whether you team your wooden furniture with dark-coloured walls or lighter shades, the furniture will always make the room look special. The ageless beauty of the natural wood – especially if exposed wood, knots and all – when used in contemporary furniture, is incomparable! 

If you’ve made your decision on the colours of your bedroom and your furniture, then the only thing left to do is call up your local contractor. Get ready, get renovating!

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