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Dressing Table Ideas

Dressing up is an important part of a person's daily routine. The right kind of dressing table can not only make it more convenient for you to get dresses but also save time. Dressers and dressing tables have evolved over the years and the don't only mean those tall, clumsy things that would stick out in your bedroom! Today's dressing tables are as stylish as they are practical. Here is a shortlist of the best designs to consider if you are thinking of getting a dressing table! 

  • The Hanging Mirror

Combining a chest of drawers with one or more hanging mirrors is an excellent way of utilizing space and getting a multi-purpose piece of furniture. You can have a large dresser with multiple drawers, not only dedicated to toiletries and make-up but also to bedding, undergarments, bigger clothes, etc. When you get bored with your old dresser, you can simply replace the mirror with a new one to get a completely fresh look! 

  • The Minimal Table

Minimal tables look super suave and are the perfect addition to a room if storage is not a concern. If you follow a minimal grooming routine and don't require multiple drawers to keep your stuff or if you would like to have a separate dressing table just for your bedroom, then you must go for a minimal design. These are also easy to move around and can serve several other purposes as well! 

  • The Separate Mirror 

If you would like a full-length mirror in your dressing table but do not want to make it too clunky, then getting a separate one can do the trick! A thin, full-length mirror can be easily mounted to a wall or can be made to stand next to a light-weight table without overpowering the decor of your room. A standing mirror can also act as a great style statement when paired with climber plants and fairy lights!

  • The Wall Hanging Kind

This is an excellent option for people who are living in small apartments and are always low on space! You only need a small space along a wall for the whole setup and you don't even have to have a dedicated chair or stool. You can drag one when it is required and keep the space open at all other times. You can choose a square drawer or one with curved edges and a mirror with arches for a truly artistic finish!

  • Hidden Storage

Big-sized mirrors with hidden storage are a great way of giving your room a neat look! If you do not want your toiletries, perfume bottles and make-up to add a cluttered feel to the room, then you can choose to have compartments built behind your mirror to keep them away from sight!

Now that you have some great ideas for you your dressing area, we recommend that you don't waste any time and get moving! Simply choose a design that you think would go best with your interior, call up the carpenter and have your space measured and bring that dressing table home!

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