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Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Tea is a religion in India and almost every household has their own way of celebrating this beverage. Whether you enjoy tea with friends, with the family or solo with a newspaper, tea-drinking almost holds ritualistic importance in many Indian families! Every home has dedicated places where people like to unwind over their cup of tea. So this International Tea Day, check out these furniture ideas to add a little more character and comfort to your tea-drinking ritual! 

  • A comfy sofa!

Sofas are the best seating options for when friends and close family come over. You can all scooch together in the same space, sip on your hot tea and chat the hours away! Depending on the intimacy with your friends, sofas can be as casual or formal as you need them to be! 

  • A generous sized table!

Tea is seldom enjoyed without its fair share of accompaniments and therefore it is of utmost importance that your tea-table or coffee-table is able to accommodate everything from the cups and saucers to the numerous snack trays. If you are putting your centre table in front of a sofa, then it is important that the table covers a good portion of the sofa’s length, allowing every seated person to easily access to the table. 

  • Small side tables!

If your tea area is defined by chairs and single-seater sofas rather than a single large arrangement, then getting small side tables can be a good idea! You can choose to move around these small tables according to your convenience and every person can have their own tiny space to put things on. Small tables also come in handy if it is just you sitting with your tea. You can also consider sofas with built-in table space for a tea cup at each seat.

  • Light-weight wicker chairs!

For the people who like to sit in semi-enclosed or fully open spaces while drinking their tea, wicker chairs can prove to be an excellent option. Whether you are sitting on a porch, in the verandah or in the garden, a wicker chair can be easily carried from one place to the other, allowing you to enjoy the elements as you imbibe your fragrant tea. 

  • Low table with floor cushions! 

Give your tea-drinking experience a little oriental twist! Choose a low-height table paired with floor cushions instead of traditional chairs and tables. Not only is the entire setup super comfortable, as everyone can reach for their tea with ease, but you actually end up saving a lot of space and money! Also, since this kind of setup tends to be much lighter in weight than a full-sized table and chairs combo, you can move it around easily. 

So are you thinking of upgrading your tea-drinking space? If so, try out one of these interesting ideas and set your space apart. Just like your tea – a healthy green tea, fragrant flower tea or kadak masala chai, more sugar and milk or less – you can choose one of these ideas and add your own unique twist to one of these furniture options and make it totally unique and your own. Happy International Tea Day! 

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