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Five simple steps to safely move your furniture

Moving to a new house can be exciting… but stressful! Packing up your home, your furniture and furnishings, and fitting it all into boxes is no mean feat. Here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure that your valuable wooden furniture and all other items of home décor stay scratch-free and beautiful when you set it in your new home or office space!

  • Packaging Supplies

Get all your packaging supplies together before you get started! You will need bubble wrap to wrap around fragile pieces of furniture, as well as covers for your sofa and mattresses. Use plastic cling-wrap around your furniture for an added layer of protection against scratches and seal-able plastic bags for smaller bits and bobs. Corrugated cardboard sheets are an excellent option when looking to add an extra layer of cushioning to your boxes and to separate larger pieces of furniture. 

  • Prepping the Furniture

Think that dust doesn’t matter if the dusty furniture is inside packaging? Think again! Even though you’ll be packing up the furniture safely for transportation, and no one will see it, it is of the utmost importance that you thoroughly clean and dust your furniture before moving. Dust and debris, especially when compressed against the surface by packing material, can scratch or damage hard surfaces like wood and glass. 

Also remember to take out drawers and pulls that might move during transport and cause injury to people and damage to furniture. Remove other smaller items as well, such as knobs and handles, to make the furniture lighter and easier to shift.

  • Disassemble

Disassembling furniture, wherever you can, reduces a lot of hassle. Yes, re-assembly is a challenge, but often less so than struggling to carry a table through tight doorways and corridors when you don’t need to! Take the screws out and carefully place them in labelled plastic bags, wrap the individual pieces in wrapping plastic, label each, and stack them if at all possible. This saves space and hassle, and makes your furniture much easier to load and unload into the mini-van that’s going to carry your pieces from point A to point B.