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Flexible Storage

With the average apartment size getting smaller by the decade, it is important to invest in smart furniture! Smart furniture can translate to pieces that are made to utilize space in the best possible way and reduce clutter wherever possible. Here are a few furniture ideas that can help you open up your living space, allowing you to move around with greater ease!

  • Partition-Cum-Storage

When living in smaller spaces, you feel the need to define the rooms a little better – the difference between the living and dining rooms or the bedroom and dressing room, for example – replacing a wall with a partition can prove to be a smart decision. Unlike a wall, a partition need not be completely opaque, creating a sensation of space! Double the space efficiency with a partition-cum-storage, by building open shelves into the partition. This can be used aesthetically to store everything from crockery and gadgets to books and memorabilia. 

  • Under-Bed Storage 

Utilising the vacant space underneath your bed is the wisest decision that you can make when low on space. You can choose to build in pull-out drawers or use the whole space as box storage. Depending on the size of your bed and the storage compartments, you can store everything from bedding and quilts to toys and seasonal clothes, saving space for a whole extra wardrobe! 

  • Staircase storage!

If you happen to have a staircase in your house, don’t leave the under-stair space empty! There are several ways you can use the space for storage. You could convert each step into an individual pull-out drawer, have a whole built-in wardrobe with segmented storage for your every essential, or plan open shelving instead. You can also choose to add seating under the stairs, thus opening up the rest of the living room for other purposes. 

  • Pouffes and Ottomans

If you are looking for more flexible storage options – especially something that you can move around freely – then adding more ottomans and pouffes can help you! When you add a seating option with a wide hollow space which can be easily maneuvered around, you increase the scope of the room. A large pouffe with storage can be used to seat a couple of people with ease all the while storing everything from bedding, clothes, books, toys, etc.

  • Kitchen Island Storage

When dealing with smaller kitchens, islands can be an excellent way to add storage and functionality to space. Define the end of your kitchen with a kitchen island instead of a wall. The island can be used to store kitchen utensils and groceries, and you can just add chairs to convert it into a dining table! You can also use the surface for cutting and chopping – thus making the most of the space available! 

No matter the size of your room, there is always space for more! These simple yet effective tricks and tips can help you utilize the area to its maximum potential, while getting rid of the clutter at the same time. With these smart storage ideas, you can enjoy a more organised and relaxed living space without moving to a larger home! 

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