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Furniture Ideas for your Children’s Bedroom

Children have a very specific set of requirements that must be kept in mind when setting up their living space. Before converting a bedroom into a child’s space, it is essential that you closely study their daily schedule and what they might need at different points during the day. Here are a few tricks you can keep up your sleeve when redecorating for a child!

  • Floor Bed or Low Bed

Floor beds or low beds are amazing options, especially when your child is transitioning from sleeping with you to sleeping in their own bed. It has manifold benefits, with the first being that it is much safer. If you are scared that your child might roll over and fall, then a low bed or floor bed can alleviate some of that anxiety because even if they roll over, there is not much height and so you can be assured that there will be no serious damage to the child. The second perk of a low bed is that even if your child gets up in the middle of the night, as many do, they can easily get off the bed and back on it, giving them more independence. 

  • Cute Side Tables

Side tables that match the bed’s height are an excellent option. You can put any number of comforting items on the table, from water and baby food to toys or even a small lamp. This helps your child to access these items easily if they happen to wake in the middle of the night. Bedside tables don’t just help your children – they also help you organize better, as you will know exactly where to find your child’s essentials when tending to them.

  • Storage

Spacious storage in the form of a simple easy-to-open box (or one that’s always open) is an excellent way of teaching your kids organisation and tidiness. It is much safer than a chest of drawers or a cupboard which could fall over if your toddler tries climbing up, and it can still store a lot! Put away that play mat, the toys, books and art supplies for your child in the box and also teach them to tidy up after themselves once they are done playing. All they need to do is to throw everything back in the box, so it’s not exactly cognitively challenging! At the same time, it’s an easy habit to inculcate. 

  • Lighting

Night lights are an essential element, in any child’s room. It saves them from the anxiety of waking up to pitch darkness and also gives them a little bit of freedom. In addition, if your child wakes up in the middle of the night, they can easily decipher their surroundings with the lights on and lead themselves safely to the bathroom or to their parents’ room without injuring themselves or getting too scared. Keep night lights at the right height and location that furniture does not block the lighting.

  • Reading Chair

Put in a reading chair or a low stool that easily slides under the bed. It’s the first step towards building a healthy bedtime ritual with your kids. You can use the reading chair when you read bedtime stories to your children, or sit beside their bed as you listen to them telling you about their day, before going to bed. This way, you won’t have to crowd them sitting on their bed in the evening, and they learn to make you a part of their own little world. 

Raising children right is a goal every parent strives towards, and the journey is made of tiny little steps. So, if you are planning your kids’ room, keep these ideas in mind to create a fun, practical space for your child that they’ll simply love!

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