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Furniture for Your Drawing Room

Did you know that before the Victorian era, there was no such thing as a drawing room? That’s right – the heart of any home, the core space where Indian hospitality shines – has only been in existence for a couple of hundred years now. Indian drawing rooms, today, are carefully put together spaces, with entertainment of the family and guests at the heart of the design. 

To be complete, a drawing room must have the following major pieces of furniture.

  • Sofa

The centerpiece for the drawing room! This piece of furniture dictates the decor of the entire room. A contemporary or classic sofa design; Three-seater, two-seater or L-shaped sofas; Fabric coverings or leather upholstery; there’s a myriad of choices when it comes to picking your sofa. When doing so, however, prioritize comfort and durability above all else. Sofas are intended to welcome and entertain guests for years together, and a well-designed and well-made sofa is a true investment.

  • Display Unit

Drawing rooms are where you host guests. Ensure that they can admire your memorabilia and souvenirs from your travels! A display unit is more than just a space to hold trinkets, though; the design of the piece itself is meant to grab attention. Depending on your overall aesthetic, choose rustic wooden furniture options, or a sleek glossy unit.

  • Side Tables 

The nooks and crannies of a drawing room offer great opportunities to add more character to the space. That’s why compact side tables with plenty of free space for potted plants, books, lamps or absolutely anything else, are ideal for a cosy drawing room. Guests tend to place their cups and plates on them, so don’t fill them up!

  • TV Unit

The television is an integral part of the drawing room! TV stands or TV units have also evolved with the shape and design of the television itself. Today, these units are mostly compact and designed for style rather than as the boxy storage units of yesteryear. Electronic devices like speakers, chords, USBs and more are set into the TV stand, along with little odds-and-ends of memorabilia – so plan your TV unit carefully to ensure you have enough space for everything that your family actually needs. 

  • Center Table 

A big part of entertaining guests is food! Your center table is where the serving takes place. Make a vintage impact with a beautiful wooden table with exposed knots and a grainy texture for a warm drawing room, or bring the space into the 21st century with a glass-top wooden table. If you are going for a bolder statement, look for something unique – a table with raw wooden edges and natural shapes, or perhaps something with unique twists and turns. 

Whether you decide to get a new sofa or change the upholstery or simply add in a new set of nested side tables, a small change can make a huge difference in a drawing room. Work with a Fevicol-certified contractor to make the most of your drawing room furniture!

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