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Golden Furniture Hacks for Golden Agers

Old age is when you should put your feet up and enjoy a slower pace of life. You’ve earned it! This is also the period where you spend the most time in your home. Ensure that your home changes with you to accommodate your and your body’s changing needs. Here are a few furniture hacks that will make your house stay comfortable as you grow older.

  • No Protruding Edges 

Replace all furniture that has sharp or protruding edges, including foot-boards and side rails of your bed, coffee table edges, armrests, etc. They can prove to be a health hazard as they might cause scrapes, scratches. They can also be a tripping hazard. Choose minimalistic furniture with curved or padded edges instead. 

  • Ergonomic Designs

Ensure that every piece of furniture you own caters to your needs and is easy to use. When buying chairs, make sure that they have proper back support and cushioned armrests for comfortable seating. Your chairs and bed should be built for your height and should be easy to get into and out of. The headrest of your bed must also provide complete back support. 

  • Easy Maintenance

Choose simple furniture with smooth surfaces to ensure less accumulation of dust. That way, you can simply wipe clean the pieces rather than plan elaborate cleaning procedures. Washable sofa cushion, couch and pillow covers, and mattress covers below the bed-sheet ensure that you can easily and efficiently keep your home as clean as you want without needing to call for help or injure yourself. These covers come in all designs and colours, and so fit into every aesthetic.

  • The Right Height

Your storage units, bed and chairs must all be the right height to facilitate accessibility. The right height might vary from person to person but the thumb rule is to never store anything above the shoulder-height or below the knee-height of a person. Replace under bed storage with vertical storage and make sure your bed is neither too high nor too low or it can strain your back. 

  • Stand-out Colours

When choosing the upholstery for your footstools or the wood shade of your coffee table or pot stand, make sure to choose colours that stand-out instead of blending in. Smaller furniture that does not fall directly in your field of vision must be designed to stand out to avoid tripping or scrapes. 

  • Declutter

A cluttered home can potentially pose risks for its elderly residents. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that small pieces of decor and memorabilia be stored in stowed away in a safe space. You can choose to put them on display in glass cabinets or stow them away in drawers. The hallways must always be kept clear and extra furniture must be get rid of.