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How to child-proof your home

If you have a baby or a toddler, or are currently expecting (first of all, congratulations!) then you need to make sure that everything in the house is designed keeping the safety of your child/children in mind. The inherently curious nature of children can be wonderful to observe but it also means that your peaceful home can quickly turn into a safety hazard the minute you turn your back! Here are a few hacks to keep your children safe – whether or not you’ve got your eye on them.

  • Child-proof your drawers and cupboards!

Drawers which look completely harmless on the surface can quickly turn into a safety nightmare when young kids are around. They can climb into larger drawers and accidentally shut themselves inside. They can drag smaller drawers all the way out, dropping the heavy box and its contents on their feet. They can slam a door shut, catching the fingers of their other hand in the joint. Why leave the scope for accidents alive? Easily child-proof your drawers and cupboard doors by putting safety locks on your drawers and doors. This prevents children from being able to easily open them. As an adult, on the other hand, you can simply and easily remove the lock and put it back on once you are done accessing the contents of the shelf. 

  • Secure the stairs!

The stairway is arguably the most dangerous part of the home, especially when your child is learning to crawl or walk. Keeping the staircase out of the reach of children is of utmost importance because ironically, it is also one of the places kids love to play in! Put in a gate at both the bottom and top of the stairs for safety. You can choose a solid wooden door for complete safety or a lighter plastic one for practicality and easier removal when the kids are older.