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How to soundproof your living space effectively

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Soundproofing can help with your life and peace of mind in many ways. If you live in a loud locality and are having trouble getting on with your life because of the relentless sounds, or if you live in an apartment and regularly receive complaints from irate neighbours for playing your favourite music or a movie night with friends, you need to get soundproofed. Making your walls and ceilings soundproof doesn’t just block outside sounds from coming in but vice versa as well, giving you a much-needed sense of privacy. 

Here are a few tips for soundproofing that you can try at home:

  • Fill out the space!

The easiest way to reduce the noise levels inside a home is simply to add loads of furniture and furnishings. They reduce the echo effect and help absorb excessive noise. To improve noise absorption further, choose upholstered furniture or a lot of cushions and throws. This way, you can enhance functionality and comfort, while adding to the décor too! 

  • Cork is your best friend!

Another stylish and utterly useful way of absorbing excess sound in your apartment is to put up cork boards. These highly versatile boards can be painted over, put up in the form of thought boards, or simply used to pin things up. From photos to memories to scribbles or even to-do lists. If you feel that a cork board does not go with your aesthetics, you can simply glue them to your walls and put wallpaper over them. They will block sounds from outside and muffle internal noise as well. 

  • Block all the holes!

The best soundproofing can fall flat on its face if you do not cover holes and openings properly. If your ceilings have open holes from old ceiling fans or if you do not soundproof your windows and vents along the walls, soundproofing can become nearly impossible. Make sure to use thick glass and shut orifices of all kinds when you are soundproofing. If you do not want to entirely shut the vent for whatever reason, cover it with thick blankets. 

  • Use thick curtains!

Using thick curtains or multiple layers of curtains effectively brings down the noise levels in a room. Heavy drapes can not only be used to keep the sun out, but also provide insulation against sound. You can get as creative with your curtains as you want, as long as you choose heavy materials. If you do not need soundproofing at all times, putting up another layer of thin curtains will help you bring in more light and give you more versatility! 

  • Let white noise do the talking!

Introducing white noise in a room to cover up unpleasant and unwanted sounds is a relatively new but effective way to cut down on unnecessary noise. Use devices that emit sounds like the breeze blowing, whale song or the sounds you experience by the side of a quiet lake. Alternatively, you could connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker set up somewhere in the centre of the room, playing white noise from your phone for a calmer ambience. White noise is an excellent way to keep your baby calm and sleeping for longer! 

Use these tips to keep noise pollution outdoors. Employ these tricks not only to enjoy a more peaceful home… but also some privacy! Come on… let’s get soundproofing! 

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