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Ideal Wardrobe Configuration

An ideal wardrobe can mean different things for different people. When building a new wardrobe or upcycling an old one, there are a few things that you must consider before you call up your carpenter. Many factors including space, personal requirements and shopping habits can contribute towards deciding what your final wardrobe should look like. Here are a few of the most important factors to consider.

  • What space are you looking to fill? 

It is of utmost importance that you know exactly where your wardrobe will fit. Measure the space properly and start working with those precise dimensions. Finalising on a wardrobe design before considering your space can prove disastrous in more ways than one! There is a strong possibility that the wardrobe you have imagined does not fit the space or does not look good after you have customised it to fit.

  • How will you organise it?

A wardrobe can make use of several different organisational tools, from drawers, shelves and compartments to hanging rods. Deciding how much wardrobe space will be dedicated to each is an important decision. Reflect on your personal wardrobe and see what kind of clothes you most require and how use them. If you wear suits, shirts and pants a majority of the time, then you will need fewer shelves and more hanging space. On the other hand, if you have more t-shirts, jumpers and leggings than dresses and pants, which you tend to fold and put away in shelves, then it’s advisable to dedicate a larger chunk of the space to shelves where you can stack your clothes instead. 

  • Do you have enough space for doors?

If you’re struggling with space, you may need to choose between the depth of your wardrobe and the space for its door to open. In such situations, or to open up your space a little, use sliding doors on your wardrobe as an effective way of saving space. Sliding doors also work especially well with more horizontally structured wardrobes. 


  • What materials work best with your interior?

Wardrobes can be made out of any number of materials. From wood or plywood to steel and iron, plastic and even glass, you can use any material or a combination of materials to get a wardrobe that fits well with your budget and personal style. For long-lasting, easy-to-use closets, we recommend wood. The best woods to use for your wardrobe are Sheesham, Oak, Pine and Mango. Each of these woods lends a character to the wardrobe, and you can tint the colour of the finish to match the rest of your interiors. 

  • What size wardrobe do you need? 

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. From 1-door wardrobes to 5-door ones, you can get a wardrobe that fits perfectly with your needs. Depending on the size of the room, a 4-door wardrobe works best in most circumstances. Splurging your money and space on a 4-door wardrobe, especially if you are living on your own, can seem a bit extreme. However, it is an excellent investment since you can store everything from clothes, shoes to accessories in one place. Even a 3-door wardrobe can easily be shared between two people and a 1-door or 2-door is sufficient for a single person’s needs. 

Now that you are equipped with all the wardrobe knowledge that you need, call the carpenter and get measuring! Get a wardrobe custom-built… and create a solid solution to your storage woes! 

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