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Kids’ Study Room Ideas

Compartmentalization is an excellent way of teaching your kids discipline and the first step towards an organised lifestyle is an organised living space. A study room, a study corner or even a nook can be an effective way of teaching your kids the importance of dedicating a part of their day towards learning, reading or just researching. Here are a few tips to make your kids’ study area a place they’ll enjoy learning in!

  • Comfort first!

Before you start considering the design, take the comfort of your child as of paramount importance. When studying, posture is dictated by the ergonomics of the table and the chair provided. Make sure that the height for the table and the chair allows your children to have a comfortable seating posture. Sitting for an extended period of time in a chair which leaves your legs dangling or on a table where you cannot rest your hands, can be highly uncomfortable. 

  • Lighting is important!

Place the table in a corner which receives ample natural and/or artificial light at all times. Study areas are used at all times of day (and very often late into the night as well, especially for older kids), and it’s therefore important that the lighting is excellent to keep your kids’ eyes healthy. You can place the table in front of a large window to bring in sunlight and ensure that there’s enough space on the table for a table lamp for concentrated reading light.

  • Make storage possible!

Children are messy! They always seem to need more space than seems reasonable to adults. So give them enough space to tuck away their study materials. It’s easier and more efficient to work on your studies when you have space. A sufficient study area and shelving space will ensure that they can keep all their material in a dedicated space and procrastinate less when studying. A spacious shelf or drawer storage unit helps keep things organised and can be used to put away books, notebooks, other stationery and art supplies. 

  • Aesthetics count!

Add fun elements to the reading room to encourage kids to spend more time in it. You can also add a think board behind the desk, where they can put up art work, quotations, flowers or even notes from school. You can also add a fun wallpaper, a plant or a whiteboard where they can jot down their thoughts. Anything to inspire fun and learning!

  • Make space for more!

Studying doesn’t have to be a lonesome activity. Inculcate in your kids the habit of studying in a group, either in silence or through discussion. Whether it’s siblings, classmates, friends or parents that sit down for a co-working session, kids must learn to share their space. The best way to do this is by making space for more than one person within the study area itself. Put in a large central study table with a couple of chairs clustering around it. 

Now that you are loaded with new ideas, it is time to give your kids’ study area a revamp or create a space from scratch! After all, building a proper study area is the first step towards building your child’s learning ethic! Happy learning!

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