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Let’s Make the World a Kinder Place

Showing kindness can help you earn so much more than it could ever cost. You can earn peace of mind, happiness and a sense of kinship, at practically no cost to yourself. One way you can spread joy around the world is by giving the gift of a comfier home, by donating old furniture, your time and/or your skills. Here are a few ways through which you can pay it forward this World Kindness Day!

  • Repaint to revive!

We all have those pieces of furniture in our home which we can do without. Either they are put in a neglected corner or simply thrown in the storeroom. Don’t let them rust and rot. Instead, you can simply get old pieces of furniture painted and give it to someone in need! Your unnecessary piece could be someone else’s treasure and it can be heartening to see how much another person can appreciate something that was literally waste for you. 

  • Reclaim broken furniture!

Broken or worn-out furniture does not always mean that you have to throw it away! Use your imagination and the assistance of a professional carpenter to craft something completely new out of old, broken pieces. For example, if you have a broken chest, cut out the drawers that are still functional and reuse them throughout the house. They can be fitted onto tables, metal frames and ladders to create quirky pieces. You could reuse these elsewhere, donate them to the needy or even auction them off for charity.


  • Old does not mean waste!

If you feel that your old furniture is not pretty enough to be considered antique and not stylish enough to fit in with your current aesthetic, then you can simply get it polished and give it to a friend, family member, or someone in need! You will be amazed to see how your ‘not-so-good’ pieces will easily become statement pieces for another person’s home. 


  • Don’t throw away leftovers!

If you have recently had work done in your home, then surely there will be bits and pieces, or scraps left over. Don’t stow it away for the future because we all know that they will rot before you can put them to use. Ask your carpenter for ideas and turn them into useful, simple pieces like tables, chairs and stools. For example, you can use leftover tiles to make ceramic tabletops and fit simple drawers underneath. Then give them away!

  • Re-upholster for a new look!

If you are bored with your old sofa or don’t have a place for it anymore, you can simply change the upholstering to give it a completely new look. A new couch can be a huge deal for people with limited income and a great way of paying it forward. Many times, charitable institutions are in need of entertainment furniture and can prove to be a loving new home for your beloved old sofa. 

So what do you think of these ideas? If you’re interested in helping out the underprivileged this World Kindness Day, you can start preparing for it now. Have a thorough look around your house and we are sure that you will find plenty of things which can be upcycled or simply polished before you send them off to their new homes! 

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