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Lofty Ideals

With land prices skyrocketing, the need to think smartly when utilising space is of paramount importance even in palatial homes. That’s why, instead of having homes that spread out in width, people are choosing to add more height to their spaces in the form of higher ceilings and multi-floor villas, which have the added advantage of cooling the space as well. This opens up several opportunities to add on multi-functional attics and lofts. Here are a few ideas that can help you manage your space in a smarter and more stylish manner!

  • Attic Bedrooms

Having a guest bedroom tucked away in your attic is a great way of opening up the rest of your home for other uses and giving your guests privacy at the same time. In order to make it more cheerful, just add a few windows or sunroofs… and you are all set! Depending on the size of your attic, you can fit in a king, queen or single bed and other pieces of furniture, and even fit in a separate bathroom if you’re lucky! 

  • Attic Libraries

If your lifestyle centres around reading a lot of books, be it for research or as a hobby, an attic is the perfect place to build a library. You can shut yourself away in this tucked away corner of your home and avoid any digital disruptions too. If space allows, place a lounging chair, a couch or a simple bean bag… and read on for hours on end! 

  • Loft Beds

If you have a high-ceilinged room at your disposal or have a small space with high ceilings, move your bed to the loft and keep the floor area for living space, play space or a second bed! Simply by having high windows that open to the outside or putting in a skylight, you can enjoy magnificent views of the night sky as you sleep. Loft bedrooms are ideal for kids’ rooms, as children love the extra floor space to run and play, and an excellent idea if you have two or more children sharing the room. This way they can each have their privacy in a single room! 

  • Dining Loft

This one is a little quirky! While you should ideally maintain your main dining space next to the kitchen and on the same level, it can add a ton of character if you move your coffee table to the loft. Not only does this open up space, it can also give the illusion of a private balcony if you have a glass roof and a plethora of indoor plants. Alternatively, you can in books, board games or even a TV to keep you and your family entertained as you sip on a cup of coffee or tea together!

  • Attic Storage… or Wardrobes 

This one’s a classic! Take a leaf out of the traditionalist’s diary and put your unwanted or seldom used knick-knacks (like old toys, discarded electronics, old clothes, winter wear, suitcases, etc.) in the attic, away from sight. Simple woodwork can neatly and efficiently create shelves and storage under your high roof to put away things you don’t need on a daily basis. 

Or, you could convert the whole of your bedroom loft space into a magnificent walk-in closet! This might seem a little impractical as it is hard to climb steps each time you need something, so you need to ensure that your bedroom has direct access to the attic, and that the walkway and access door to the attic are spacious and well-lit. This will make your wardrobe way more approachable… and unlock a ton of space for your clothes and shoes!

  • Loft Office

This is a very interesting option and ideal if you have a high living room roof and toddlers at home. You can keep your office safe from the kids by installing safety doors on the stairs to the loft, and you can also keep an eye on the kids playing below, as you work. When your child is sleeping, you can be comfortably at work and have a bird’s eye view of the crib at the same time. This decreases the child’s risk of waking up due to your calls and conversations, and you can enjoy your hot cup of coffee or tea without worrying that they might spill it over your computer the minute you turn your back! 

If you still think that lofts and attics are dingy old places where furniture goes to die, think again! They have definitely got a face lift and a new lease of life. While lofts are not practical as a renovation solution unless you’re lucky enough to own a home that already has vaulted or sloping roofs, keep in mind while building a new villa that attics and lofts are a great way to create space and expand your home vertically. Horizontal home expansion, after all, has the major negative that you need to acquire more land to accommodate it. Vertical expansion adds character to a home, too! Happy renovation and development! 

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