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Make an Entrance

As we step into the new decade, make every new beginning memorable. Refresh and refurbish your entrance-ways, doorways and hallways to give your home a much-needed makeover! Even a simple paint job on your front door can give your home a refreshing change. Here are a few ideas to enhance your home’s first impression.

  • Go bold!

You can elevate the look of your wooden door and bring it to life by painting it in a bright color! Yellows and purples, blues and pinks… the choices are simply endless. Don’t feel that you must restrict yourself to natural wooden shades of brown. With the right splash of color, your wooden door can look like a portal to Europe! Consider adding a stylish brass or ceramic knocker for a really gorgeous entryway that looks like nothing any of your neighbors have!

  • Light up!

Corridors can look dingy without enough light, or harsh and unwelcoming with too much. Moderate and renew the space this year simply by changing the amount of light that greets your guests. Whether you are choosing to add concentrated light in the form of bulbs, or diffused light through subtle fixtures and false ceilings (or even making major structural changes to add more natural light by adding a window or skylight) each change will alter the feel of the entry, and thus the home. Paint your walls to suit the light you’re allowing in to set the mood. We suggest warm earthy colors to pair with dim lighting, or light-colored walls with wide windows that flood every corner with light.

  • Go heavy on the art!

If you have a corridor or walkway between the door and your living space, count your blessings! They are some of the most versatile spaces to display your artistic tastes and talents. Add a fun wallpaper, wooden paneling on the roof, cool ceiling fixtures, art deco pieces like statement lamps, vases and statues… and even paintings and portraits. You could also consider printing gorgeous portraits of all family members, or snaps of your travel destinations, and putting them up on the walls. There’s nothing like a walk down memory lane (or around the world) to create an excellent first impression!

  • Size doesn’t matter… but Shape does!

A simple way to make a huge change in your home is by moving away from the boring rectangular doors and doorways. You can go for a dome-shaped entrance-way or one with more unique curves and edges to make a bold style statement. This will set an artsy precedent for your guests for what to expect from your home! Repeating the shapes, wherever realistically possible of course, creates a fun pattern and aesthetic for the home, and is a clever way of introducing a recurring theme. This one is not easy to implement as part of a refurbishment exercise, but can really elevate your home beyond the ordinary.

Now that you are equipped with new ideas of redecorating and restyling your entrances, there is nothing stopping you from having yourself a fun makeover. Simply call up your local contractor to create a home that looks as new and exciting as the decade we’re entering. Happy New Year, everyone! 

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