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Making furniture environment-friendly!

Today, the planet is fast becoming a top priority for many people, as it rightfully should be! People are making increasingly more conscious choices in their everyday lives to save the environment. Therefore, when looking for a home renovation or when looking to build a new home, here are a few tricks and tips that you can adopt for a better future! 

  • Don’t throw, refurbish!

If you are sick and tired of looking at your old sofa or sleeping in the same bed, then you don’t have to throw it, you can simply give it a new life. Refurbishing furniture can include anything from changing upholsteries, cutting, chopping or shaving the wooden structure to give it a refreshingly new shape or simply changing the colour of the thing! You will be surprised at how much difference a simple tweak in the design can make! 

  • Look before you order!

Before you get on the internet or visit a furniture house to order a new piece of furniture, take a hard look at all the tidbits lying around at your home! Chances are that the broken windows, cracked old doors and discarded tables can all come together to give you a brand-new piece of furniture at half the price. Simply call in a local carpenter and have a back and forth of ideas to land yourself a stunning piece at a much smaller carbon footprint!

  • Visit Garage Sales!

If you love adding bits and pieces of furnishing to your home but don’t want to put too much stress on the environment, then garage sales are the way to go! You will be surprised to find the kind of things people are willing to part ways with. There are antiques, fine teak wood furniture and a lot of handicraft work which is practically impossible to recreate in this day and age. You can grab a true find at one of these sales!


  • Repurpose!

Apart from refurbishing old furniture to give it a new look, you can also repurpose it to give it a completely different function! There are several ways of repurposing furniture; for example, you can take a cabinet, remove the drawers and turn it into a lounger. It could also mean turning your coffee table into smaller ottomans or turning your TV trolley into a kitchen display cabinet. The possibilities are endless! 


  • Go Local!

Another great way of ensuring that you keep your carbon footprint in check is by going local with your raw materials. When sourcing anything from wood to metal or even stone for your furniture, do a little bit of research, visit a local supplier and talk to them about what is available locally! Chances are that the local materials are more accustomed to the local weather conditions, are cheaper because of low transportation costs, and also generate less pollution as they travel to your home. 

We hope that if you’re already on the environmentally conscious route you’ve learnt something new, and that you’ll be implementing some or all of the above techniques to keep the Earth healthy and liveable! It might seem like a small drop in the ocean, but every step in the right direction counts! 

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