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Man Up! Masculine Furniture Ideas for All Spaces

There is no single way of making a space look more masculine. It really depends on the kind of man who is going to be living in the home, after all! Each man has different habits and preferences, and each house’s furniture needs to be designed to suit them. Having said that, there are certain things that you can apply to any furniture a man’s going to use, which will help make it better-suited to men. Let’s dive in!

  • They call it KING-size for a reason!

Let’s face facts – the average man is larger than the average woman. So make sure that your bed is large enough to leave room to move around at night! Especially if you are a taller man, or one of your family members is taller than average, you know that getting the right-sized bed can be a challenge. Don’t buy a standard-sized bed off the shelf – custom build a bed that’s long enough to ensure that his feet are not dangling from the edge in the middle of the night. Plan a bed that’s at least six inches longer than your (or his) height.

  • Statement pieces to make a manly statement!

As far as first impressions go, masculine statement pieces are an excellent way to give your space a manly feel! What are masculine furniture pieces, you ask? They can be anything from thick-legged tables, unrefined wooden embellishments to low-maintenance gadget stands! 

  • Nothing says ‘manly’ like leather!

Add rugged materials like leather or faux leather to your décor! Be it leather sofas, recliners or a simple ottoman, leather upholstery helps bring out the masculinity of space without your having to go through much trouble. If you’re looking at giving your old sofa a new look, it’s very easy to update it into a suave leather sofa that suits the men in your life. As a bonus, they’re easier to clean after spills than fabric!

  • Add metal for an industrial feel

Metallic detailing like iron or copper tubes that make up the lamps, railings or even exposed water-pipes immediately give a space a very manly vibe. Metallic shelves or bookcases are also a great way to incorporate more hardware to any room! From man caves to home offices and bedrooms, this interior motif can be implemented everywhere! 

  • No-fuss furniture!

Minimalism can either be a conscious life choice or the default setting. While we don’t want to generalize, it’s a fact that masculine spaces are more often than not defined by furniture that is easy, breezy and absolutely low maintenance! Try bringing in large ottomans or bean-bag inspired furnishings to the living space. Simple lamps, low congestion walls and a small number of larger items makes a more ‘masculine’ room than one cluttered with several smaller furnishings. 

So the next time you go for furniture shopping for your own bedroom or your partner’s man-cave, keep these simple pointers in mind. Transform any living space to make it a better fit for your man! Happy International Men’s Day!

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