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Maximum Utility, Maximum Aesthetics

Set house plans with rooms dedicated to different aspects of your day are so passé! Today, living spaces are all about fluidity and modularity. Labels no longer work and we all like our homes to evolve with us. Kitchens are no longer enclosed spaces, neither are drawing rooms and dining rooms separate. Contemporary homes are all about multi-utility… and that is why partitions-cum-display units work so well! 

  • Say goodbye to solid walls and partitions!

Walls are no longer the only way to separate a room into two parts – and thank god for that! With houses becoming increasingly more congested, it is of the utmost importance that we keep the space we have, light and airy. When you replace a solid wall with an open display-cum-partition unit, you find you’ve got a lot of margin to play around. 

For example, you can go for wider shelves and put up small display pieces, in order to divide your living area into a living space and a dining space. This gives the illusion of more open space when you look across the length of the room and demarcates without closing it off… and gives you a great place to show off your trinkets too! 

  • Don’t just display but store!

It is easy to forget that a display unit can be used as a storage unit too. The trick is to know what to put in an open storage unit. For example, if you have put up shelves instead of a wall between your kitchen and living area, you can definitely add character by putting the best of your cookware, serveware and storage containers on the shelves. They not only look good but also save up a lot of space in the kitchen along with providing easy access. 

  • Transform your space!

A single partition-cum-display unit has the capacity to completely transform your space. Stick to a single theme! Even a closed-up living room can be brought to life if you decide to fill up the partition shelves with pots upon pots of indoor plants. Lamps are another excellent way of adding vibrancy to the place. Simply fill all the shelves up with lamps in different shapes and sizes and give your room a dramatic makeover! Just remember to leave space for the heat to escape and the wires to enter, or allow for the humidity of plant-bearing shelves. Discuss this with the professional you’re working with before getting started!

  • It can store an entire room!

Your partition-cum-storage unit can store an entire room in itself if used correctly. For example, if you love arts and crafts, you can store all of your supplies, a floor cushion and even a mat all in the unit to be taken out when you need it. Similarly, you can also use to store your children’s toys and convert the living area into the play area as and when you want! Warning: Such storage can get messy! Opt for closed shelves.

  • It doesn’t even have to have shelves! 

You can use your partition to store and display stuff even if it does not have shelves. You can hang fairy lights, put up flowers or even put a small basket beside the divider to use the space as both a unique display unit and a partition! This is an excellent option for smaller rooms where you do need a partition but there’s just not enough space for shelves. 

If you are looking for a house makeover, a partition-cum-display unit might be just the thing you need to revamp your main rooms. Plan the new layout of your room and you can transform your space entirely! 

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