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New Year’s Resolution: Home Maintenance

If you want to change your home management style in the coming year but are wondering how to bring about the change effectively, then you’re in the right place! Tiny changes can make a huge impact. Here are a few simple steps that you can follow for far-reaching effects! 

  • Declutter

Reduce the unnecessary bric-à-brac that piles up. ‘Things’ fill the space given to them. When you remove unnecessary items, you are left with a limited number of things that actually add value to your everyday life… and much more space than you ever realized! This step not only makes home management much easier, but is also a great way of reducing eventual waste by getting rid of items while they’re still usable by others. This, thus, also makes your home more environment-conscious. 

  • Save Energy

When you take steps towards decreasing the energy consumption in your home, you reduce your carbon footprint and save money too. Go innovative to go green! You can take several steps, ranging from bringing in extra rugs and mats in winter to absorb more heat, or opening up the windows to let in ample sunlight during the day so that you rely less on electricity to light up your home. You should also choose energy saving appliances to save more.

  • Fix what's broken… immediately!

It is important to keep your home from falling into a state of disrepair! Fix what is broken as soon as you can. From getting your home regularly repainted to changing the kitchen sink when it starts developing cracks, it is important to keep everything up and running. Following these steps will not only add to your convenience but also keep the value of your home high in the market. More importantly, dismissing minor problems now while they’re manageable and affordable, leads to more expensive renovation at a later stage.

  • Involve the kids!

Maintaining a home is a mammoth task and when you involve everyone in the maintenance process, including the kids, it becomes a little more manageable. You can start by assigning small tasks to the kids, from washing their own dishes to keeping their rooms clean. This cuts down your work and frees up time to focus on other things. During the weekends or during holidays, you can assign more time-consuming tasks like cleaning the attic or re-arranging wardrobes! 

  • Budget, plan, prepare!

Keeping your bank balance healthy is another way of ensuring your home’s good health. It is advisable to have a separate monthly or annual budget for your home maintenance needs and to stick to it. If you realize that you will soon be spending a lot of money on repairing your roof, you must try and lessen other household expenses for that month. Documenting all major expenses is also a great way of projecting how much funds you might need in the future. 

Once you have taken all the necessary steps and moved towards a more organised household, you will see things falling into place on their own. You will notice a decrease in the everyday clutter and confusion. And a more harmonious household! 

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