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Outdoor Furniture

Every home is unique and so are its outdoor spaces! From lawns, balconies, porches, patios to decks and verandahs, every outdoor space has its own functionality and vibe… and there’s a certain charm to sitting outdoors on a crisp winter morning with a hot cup of tea. That’s why, when choosing furniture for your patio or balcony, it is of the utmost importance that you select furniture that meets all your needs, complements the space and adds character! Here are a few furniture ideas to keep in mind when equipping your outdoor spaces for all weathers.

  • Wrought-Iron Seating!

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors and don’t want to be moving the furniture in and out every time, get yourself some wrought-iron seating. Chairs and tables made out of wrought iron are sturdy and durable! Even if you leave your furniture out during bad weather, there is no risk of deformity or swelling.

  • Small Tables!

Tiny tables scattered around your balcony or your patio are a smart way of adding character to space! You can use these tables to add some greenery, place lanterns for romantic date nights or keep them free to put your cup of coffee. Since they’re extremely portable, you can also move them indoors when you’re hosting. 


  • Planters!

Whether it is a balcony on the 34th floor or a wide ground-level verandah in a house, planters are a great way of bringing the greenery closer home. You can fill out practically any kind of space with potted plants! You can choose to stack them vertically on wooden shelves or set them on tables, or line them against the wall – you can choose wooden planters or ceramic or even plastic. They will surely add oodles of charm and character to your space. Planters set in close proximity are also an excellent way of concealing the outside view and blocking noise in high-traffic areas! 

  • Trellises for every space!

If you feel that you cannot put a lot of plants in your home because you don’t have enough outdoor space, think again! Trellises are the smartest way to add greenery to balconies, porches and patios where you cannot afford to give up much ground space. Put up a sturdy wooden or metal frame and let your favourite climbers do their job! Soon, you will have green walls with bougainvillea, jasmine or morning glory blooming in your personal space!

  • Stylish rattan pieces!

Cane and rattan can be charming but certainly not all-weather safe! If you don’t mind moving your furniture in and out of the house, or if you have a semi-covered space like a covered balcony, gazebo or porch, then rattan furniture adds real style and charm. You can choose to put rattan chairs, loungers and even tables. If you don’t move the furniture out of the elements, remember to wipe them clean every time it rains or snows to extend its life. 

  • Open shelving!

Open shelving is the perfect way to make your outdoor space functional and to mount all your ornamentation and plants without taking up too much space. You can place potted plants, vases, tools and even lighting in an open metal shelf and put it in practically any kind of space, from lawns, balconies to porches. 

Now that you are loaded with new ideas, you can simply tweak older furniture or customise new pieces to transform the outdoor experiences in your living space. No matter whether you are living in an apartment or a house, irrespective of whether you have a two feet balcony or a sprawling lawn, you can always make that open space work better for you! 

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