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Refurbishing Wardrobes

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Thinking of getting a new wardrobe? Take a hard look at your existing stock of storage units first and see if you can give a piece a fresh look with a few tweaks! No matter whether you have an antique wardrobe or super simplistic ones in stock, there is a way to make them into stunning statement pieces. 

  • Bring out the paint bucket!

Sometimes a layer of paint can make all the difference! Whether it is an old cabinet or a full-length closet, you can add character to the piece of furniture by painting it. Go for vibrant colours like yellows and pinks or more subtle ones like whites, deep blues and blacks to have a wardrobe that looks new – and exciting! 


  • Shave it off! 

If you have a dark wooden wardrobe or cabinet, instead of putting on a layer, you can also choose to remove one! When you shave the top layer of varnished wood off, you get clean, light shades of wood with natural textures and knots. This gives your wardrobe a very earthy and rustic finish, allowing you to give the entire space a fresh perspective. 

  • Lift them up!

Tired of looking at your squat old wardrobe units? Give them a modern twist by adding legs. There’s a range of options here – you could add tapered legs, straight angular legs or pillar-shaped antique legs. Give your cupboard a face-lift… by giving it a lift! Legs don’t just add to the aesthetics but make maintenance easy too!


  • Quirky handles and knobs can help!

Sometimes all a wardrobe needs for a revamp are statement knobs and handles. Take out those old, dull knobs and replace them with antique brass and copper pieces. Or add oodles of charm and colour to wardrobe by fitting on colourful, ceramic knobs. Handles made of marble or glass are also an excellent way to add character to a wardrobe. 

  • Glass is good!

If you want to add a modern touch to your old wardrobe, do it simply by replacing the wooden doors with glass panels. This will make your design chicer and more modern – and the best part is that you can move beyond storage to as well as display, with a glass cabinet! If you do not want to go the whole way, replacing glass in one or two of the doors or adding stained glass sections in the wood can also work wonders if done right!

Now that your mental wardrobe is packed with ideas, it is time to give your room a makeover! Elevate your cupboards and make them more than just pieces of furniture. Transform them into décor that truly reflects your style! 

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