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Stairway to Heaven!

Independent homes and villas frequently sprawl across more than one floor, generally connected through indoor staircases. If not planned correctly, a staircase can easily become a waste of space and an eyesore. On the other hand, if you apply a little thought and imagination, you can turn a staircase into the cynosure of all eyes. Here are a few ideas through which you can add both style and functionality to your staircase.

  • Add some plants!

The best way to add character to your staircase without overpowering the décor is by transforming it into an indoor garden! If your steps are wide enough to support potted plants, then place a pot every few steps; the size of the pots can be customized depending on the kind of space you have available. If you do not have enough space on your stairs for potted plants, or if you’ve got young children in the home who might trip and fall over the obstacles, try putting up climbers along the balustrades instead to achieve the calming, green effect. It livens up any living room – and staircase – dramatically!

  • The carpeted look! 

Carpets on staircases instantly add warmth and grace to a staircase, depending on the carpet you choose! You can carpet the entire staircase with warm colours for a homey feel, or put in a light-coloured carpet to fill the space with light. On the other hand, textured carpets with rich ornamental detailing can immediately make the space look utterly regal! Heighten the drama by putting down just a strip of carpet along the middle of a marble staircase and enjoy the palatial effect! 

  • The modern glass look!

Nothing says modern like glass and when you pair it with sleek stainless steel railings, the overall effect is nothing less than Instagram-worthy! Glass beneath the handrails not only gives the illusion of more open space, but toughened glass actually adds strength and durability to the entire setup. Narrower steps with glass walls can still look wide and comfortable!

  • Concealed storage!

Adding drawers and compartments to the area beneath the stairs is an excellent way to utilize space which would otherwise go to waste. Push-out drawers that make use of all the available space can be used to store everything from shoes, clothes, toys to supplies. You can put everything away in this concealed storage and make your space look less cluttered without having to add an additional closet or chest! 

  • Statement stairs!

You can use your staircase to make a bold statement by going for unique styles! From a Moroccan-style tiled staircase to painting each step a separate colour, there are various ways you could define the look of your space through stairs. If you are not scared to have loud designs, then a highly ornate staircase can also make your home unique!

Your villa staircase is the centre of the home. So once you’re full of your new ideas, just apply them and make your staircase the star of your home! Whether you are building a new flight or just tweaking an existing stairway, there are options that fit every budget and can simply transform your space. So get started and get renovating!

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