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Study Room Ideas for Adults

Learning is a life-long process – an aphorism we all say we believe in, but few really live by! Whether or not you have school- or college-going kids in the house, it is of paramount importance that you maintain a corner dedicated to reading, writing and other literary tasks, for the entire family. And yes, that definitely includes adults! Here is a list of a few things to consider when building yourself a study. 

  • Lighting

A good reading room must always have excellent lighting, both natural and artificial. Choose to set your reading corner near big windows that bring in natural light. If that is not possible, then look for a space where you have soft, warm light throughout the day and at night, in order to aid in reading and writing. Table lamps, LED strip-lighting and ceiling lamps are all good options that can provide ample light while reading. Don’t forget that your table or ceiling should have the space to support the lights!

  • Storage

Make sure that you have sufficient storage in the form of shelves and drawers to store your literary materials, stationery, gadgets and wires. Your reading space must be self-sufficient so that you don’t need to keep going back and forth between different rooms to get your materials. While school kids often need the most space – textbooks, notebooks, record books, school bags – adults need space too! Customise the storage depending on your needs. For example, you may be using heavy equipment for editing or recording, or a large quantity of art supplies if you’re going to use the space for creating art and research. Even if you’ll just be working on your laptop, make sure there’s enough space to tuck away a notebook, a couple of pens and a pad of sticky notes, not to mention your charger, mouse and other laptop accessories when not in use.

  • The Right Table

Your study area is centred around your table, so invest the time in getting it just right. Make sure, first of all, that it is the right height for you or whoever else will be using the table. If multiple people will be working at the same table, getting a table with adjustable height is a good option. Not just the height, the surface area of the table must also be optimised. While it’s important to keep some space available around the table, the table itself should be big enough to hold a laptop or a desktop as well as reading material, a table lamp, coffee mugs and other small personal belongings without feeling too cluttered.

  • Ergonomic Chairs

Sitting for long hours while you work or study becomes a lot easier when you have a chair that supports your posture and does not tire your back. Invest in a comfortable, cushioned chair, preferably one with a high back and armrests, to help with your posture. A brightly upholstered chair can add character to the room, and once you are done using the desk, you can also take the chair to a different part of the room to enjoy a leisurely reading session. 

  • Display Units

Shelves loaded with books, DVDs and vinyl are not just a practical way to store material but also to add character to the room. You can dedicate an entire wall or a portion of wall to shelving, in which you can display books, planters, ornaments and even small paintings. Another way to plan an effective display is by adding multiple shelves to your worktable. This makes the entire unit portable and versatile. It is also an excellent option for people who live in rented apartments and homes, where built-in wall shelves are not an ideal option.

Keep these little tricks in mind and take the first step towards making your living space more education-friendly. When you have a comfortable and inviting space to work and study in, it automatically piques interest and productivity. It’s also an excellent way to inculcate the habit of independent study in your kids, through your own example!

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