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TV Display Units

TVs have been a part of households for several decades and no matter how advanced computer monitors get and how much we all move towards streaming over satellite television, there will always be a special place for a TV in the Indian home.

As TVs get thinner and larger, efficiently storing and displaying them has become a bit of a challenge. They take up prime real estate in our living rooms and bedrooms. Position of sofas, speaker stands and soundproofing plans depend on the location and usage of the TV. That’s why it’s so important that we make them blend in with the décor, through smart choices in terms of TV display unit. 

  • Contemporary Unit with Storage

When choosing a unit to display your television, keep in mind what other items you need to display or store in the unit. You may have a set top box, a DVD player, a subwoofer or other speakers, a Playstation, or vinyl records and DVDs. Plan the contents of your unit in advance before getting started on its design. It’s always a good idea to add a few extra drawers, so that you can tuck away the excess wiring, remote controls, magazines, etc in one place. 

  • Clean, Closed Look

Especially if you’re not the tidiest person in the world, having a closed display unit complete with closed storage is an excellent idea! Choose a display unit with ample shelf-top space for your television, and not much else. For storage, go for drawers or compartments with doors. A light-coloured display unit in a single colour enhances the minimalist vibe and ensures the unit doesn’t look too boxy. 

  • No-fuss Display Units

Less is more! If storage is not an issue and you want a light-weight display unit which you can easily move around almost anywhere in the house, go for simple, minimalist designs. These display unit types are defined by a simple, open structure, preferably one with a table-type shelving area and another shelf underneath for keeping remote controls, books and more. These will make your space look bigger and make cleaning around the unit a breeze. Be warned though – unless you choose the right pattern, this can make your TV section look rather spartan.