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Temporary Homes

Work requires all kinds of sacrifices, and when it comes to the youth, it too often means that you have to live away from home. Giving up your home for work should not mean that you give up on homely comforts, though. So, this Youth Day, here are a few simple furniture additions that will help you cosy up any apartment, room or home that you are living in, no matter how short the duration.

  • Simple beds

The trick is to keep your beds simple and lightweight, but pile them up with bedding. Buying a simple slat bed with a basic frame won't hurt your bank balance much and you will still be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep once you’re resting on a comfy mattress and wrapped in your blanket or quilt. When you are done with the bed, you can easily move it to your new place or even sell it with ease!

  • Open storage

Instead of living out of your suitcase or investing in full woodwork, open hanging storage is much more convenient and pocket-friendly! The best part is that they look super chic. The only downside is that you can’t just shut the doors on a mess!

  • Box storage

Storage in the form of boxes and baskets is a life saver when you are living in a space with limited or no built-in storage! Whether you are living there for a week or a year, you can manage your belongings efficiently with individual boxes and baskets which can be stowed under your bed or tucked into a corner. Lidded boxes are an excellent way of protecting your belongings from dust, especially those you don’t use very often.

  • Floor seating

Living away from home can be lonesome – so make sure you can have company over whenever you want! Even if you have limited space or resources, you can create nooks for socialising by putting cushions or a mattress on the floor with a throw or colourful sheet. This way, you can easily entertain a small group in your living room!

  • Plants

Plants and scented candles are an excellent way to offer comfort and a homely feel when you move into a new space. Both options can be super cheap, and they’re easy to move when you need to shift home. Indoor plants like succulents require minimal care… so you don’t need to worry about them dying, either! 

We hope that these ideas will help you get rid of homesickness and allow you to settle better into your new space. Most of these ideas require little expense but will make a major difference in your everyday quality of life. So, don’t waste time, get decorating! 

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