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Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Pooja Mandir

Spirituality and religion play a huge part in almost every Indian’s life. This is also reflected in our homes, as we build beautiful spaces for veneration and meditation. The pooja mandir is a place where the whole family comes together during the festive season, or even every day for morning prayers. Since this is the place where you form some lasting memories and come to when seeking peace of mind, your mandir must be the most beautiful and special part of your home.

Following are a few things that can help you do justice to your place of reverence. 

  • Raised platform

Make sure that the platform on which you place your idol is raised above the ground. It is considered inauspicious to place idols of gods and goddesses on the ground level. If you have a separate room for veneration or pooja, make sure that the room has a threshold you need to cross before you enter it. 

  • Choose wood 

Traditionally, mandirs in homes have always been made from fine quality wood like teak wood or sheesham or from marble. These two materials are still considered the best when constructing a mandir at home and are also backed by the Vedic science of Vastu Shastra. It is considered best if your idols are made from marble and the actual mandir is made from wood.

  • Say No to mandirs in bedrooms

Speaking of Vastu Shastra, keeping a mandir in your bedroom or near toilets is also considered bad for your home. So even if there is a shortage of space, innovate and place your mandirs in hallways, mount them on living room walls or even near your stairs, rather than putting them in the bedroom or beside the bathroom. Kitchen mandirs are also considered good as traditionally, kitchens were only entered after bathing and that is the place which feeds the whole family.

  • Ambience matters 

When making a mandir, it is important that you take care of the ambience since this is the place where you come to meditate. Everything from the lighting surrounding the mandir to the colour of the walls must be kept in mind when designing your mandir. Since subdued colours have a calming effect on the mind, it is advisable to keep the decor subtle and the colours light. 

  • Get innovative

A mandir might not strike you as the best place to showcase your innovation, but you can really make your pooja mandir stand out if you think out of the box! Experiment with lighting, design of your idol, or even the structure of your doors. Focus on elements like textures, sounds, designs and light to give your mandir a distinct character. After all, Indian mandirs are known for their beauty throughout the world!

Now that you are a few ideas richer, it is time to start implementing. Make your pooja mandir stand out and make it a place that you love looking at and being in!

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