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Traditional decor ideas from across India

India is bursting with art influences from across cultures and borders. This wealth can be seen in traditional Indian furniture and decor in abundance. Every state has a distinct style of furniture which is more or less rooted in the indigenous wood types of the region. Here, we will take a peek into some of the very interesting forms of furniture from different parts of the country!

  • Kashmiri Furniture 

Kashmiri furniture combines the soft hues of wood from a Walnut tree and combines it with intricately carved details. What makes it stand apart are the motifs and shapes of the wood carvings which take inspiration from the natural surroundings. You will find birds, animals, lattice-work with chinar leaves and various geometric patterns adorned on the furnishings. Apart from minutely carved wooden trunks, coffee tables and side tables with chiseled wood patterns are some of the noticeable elements of Kashmiri interiors. 

  • Rajasthani Furniture 

Rajasthan’s woodwork is famous not only across the country but also in foreign markets. Traditional Rajasthani furniture predominantly uses different types of wood which is then carved out to make patterns. Depending on which part of Rajasthan you are in, the wooden base changes. For example, Jaipur furniture uses mango wood, acacia wood or Sheesham, Shekhawati furniture uses babool, mango and Sheesham and Barmer furniture mostly employs Rohida wood. Traditional Rajasthani homes are characterized by jali or latticework doors, motifs hearkening to the local culture including rosettes, peacocks, lotuses, betels, parrots and medallions. Rajasthani furniture is an excellent amalgamation of Mughal and traditional Hindu furnishing styles. 

  • Assamese Furniture 

Traditional Assamese homes have a distinct furnishing style which is dictated by the locally available wood types and geographical requirements. Since bamboo trees are found in abundance and are considerably light in weight, these are largely employed to make furniture in Assamese homes as they are less likely to get damaged during the regular seismic activity in the area. You will find beautiful bamboo and cane chairs, beds, tables and cabinets in traditional Assamese homes. The wood is not carved in this part of the country but rather woven together to make intricate patterns and shapes. The furniture here imparts an earthy and airy feel which complements the timber houses of the region. 

  • Goan Furniture 

Goan homes have a rich legacy of Portuguese and English influences in their furnishing style. In traditional Goan homes, you will find soft, carved wood which is used alongside wicker to make elegant furniture. The frames and structures are European but the motifs are more often than not, Indian. You will find fruits like Cashew and Churna depicted in the furnishings. The most common element of a Goan home is a wicker and wood rocking chair along with polished wooden trunks for storage. A wooden piano in a corner of the living space is also not a very rare sight in the olden homes. 

  • Tamil Furniture 

The southern states of India like Tamil Nadu and Kerala don’t employ heavily carved furnishings as the northern parts. Here, you will find wooden furniture which is heavily complemented by metal detailing. A distinct characteristic is the low seating, especially in the dining rooms as dining takes place while sitting on the floor. You will also find diwans, cane seats, room dividers and stools made out of teak wood with brass motifs. Another common home decor addition in South Indian homes is a wooden swing or Oonjal which is usually hung in the open verandahs. 

You will find that traditional Indian furnishings complement every kind of home. Whether you choose to go with a contemporary look or a more conventional one, you will find decor inspiration in the pages of Indian history!

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