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Vastu Tips for Your Dining Room

You know what they say… the way to the heart is through the stomach! Though drawing rooms have the TV and the sofa, it’s in the dining room that the whole family builds relationships together. It’s where we meet to slurp down the latest goodies, eat, drink and be merry, and share those mundane daily moments unwinding together that are so valuable to the soul of a loving family.

Don’t ignore your dining room when you’re planning your interiors. Plan the layout to ensure that your dining area brings positivity and wellness into your lives.

Here are a few vastu tips that can help youwelcome good vibrations into your dining space, your homes and your families.

  • Keep the walls light, bright and cheerful

Vastu says that the walls of your living room must always be painted in a light and lively colour. Avoid blacks and whites and embrace light beige, light aubergine or shades of bluish grey that will not only make your room look unique, but also work wonders for your and your family’s well-being.

  • Get even!

Keep the number of seats at the table even. An even number of chairs not only bring symmetry to your space but also work well according to vastu science. If you live in a nuclear family, go for a 4-seater dining table; make it 6 if you regularly welcome guests; and for bigger families, go for 8- or 12-seater dining tables.

  • Don’t go round!

When choosing the shape of your dining table, prefer square or rectangular dining tables. For one thing, these shapes offer better efficiency in terms of space and usability as compared to oval and circular tables. They are also a better choice vastu-wise! Don’t get creative, either; all shapes other than square or rectangular are better avoided. 

  • Say No to attached toilets

Attaching a washroom to your dining area might seem like a good idea if your dining table is a part of your drawing room or if you have frequent guests coming over, but it is best avoided. However, when we’re purchasing apartments, we need to go with existing layouts! A way to get around this problem is to separate the dining area with a partition from the rest of the drawing room. The washroom can then be attached to the drawing room part of the space. However, it is okay to have wash basins for utensils or washing clothes near your dining area.

  • No wall contact

A dining table which folds against a wall is not a good idea, whether you look at it from the perspective of vastu perspective or comfort. By keeping a side of your dining table jutting against a wall, you automatically make that side of the dining table redundant. You cannot place any chairs on that side and if you do, the person sitting on that chair cannot sit or stand comfortably. Keep some space between the wall and the table so that people can sit there.