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Home is a place of warm love and affection, but keeping them literally warm in the peak winter season may not be easy! There’s nothing quite like snuggling up indoors with a loved one in cold weather. However, cuddling for romance is one thing… it’s quite another if you need to do it to share body heat! There are several ways to enhance the insulation of the home and ensure that indoor heat does not escape to the vast outdoors. Make sure that your home is as warm and cosy as you want it to be with these easy pointers.

  • Thick curtains

Thick curtains are an excellent way of adding insulation to your living space. When you put up curtains made up of a thick material or add an extra layer of curtains over your window, they prevent internal heat from escaping. When sitting indoors, make sure that your windows are properly shut and the curtains are drawn, to enjoy a cosy living space! 

  • Layer the rugs

Adding rugs to your living area, especially if you have exposed tile or wooden flooring, helps warm up the space. If you do not want to carpet the whole surface, simply scatter smaller rugs wherever possible. They will absorb the heat and keep it locked inside, ensuring that your feet remain warm as you walk around indoors! 

  • Enhance the heater

If you have a radiator in your room, make sure that you are availing its full heating power by placing aluminium at the back of the radiator so that it reflects all the heat back into the room. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep heavy curtains, fabric chairs and sofas away from the radiator as they tend to absorb all the heat, reducing the heating effect in the rest of the room. Lastly, and this one is a very Indian thing to do, avoid putting clothes to dry on the radiator! Enjoy the full benefits of your radiator to stay warm this winter! 

  • Let the sun shine

Nothing can beat the warmth offered by the mighty sun. Not even in winter! So, whenever the sun is shining, always make sure that your curtains are pulled wide open – and yes, that means even if you are not in the room. Draw the curtains closed in the evening and your room will continue emitting all the absorbed morning heat, thus keeping temperatures high.

  • Paint darker

One of the most effective and straightforward ways of keeping your rooms warm during cold weather is to paint them using deeper colours. Darker shades absorb light and heat (and re-emit them) better than lighter ones. That’s exactly what works in your favour! Your dark room absorbs heat during the day and slowly releases it till evening is done. Perfect!

Keep warm this winter with these simple tips, and if you’re shivering through this season, prepare for tomorrow today with these simple pointers. Grab a mug of hot chocolate and your significant other and settle down for the season!

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