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What size should your bed be?

There is no place more intimate than your bedroom. After all, we spend a large chunk of our lives in our bedrooms: sleeping, reading, eating and watching television! Therefore, choosing the right bed becomes essential. The right bed must answer all your comfort needs while being a pleasant fit in its environment. It must add to the aesthetics of the room and take care of your evolving needs.

Here’s what to keep in mind when buying a new bed:

  • The space problem

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a bed is the size of your room. If you have already had a bed whose dimensions you are happy with, then half the problem is solved! On the other hand, if you are moving to a new space or were unhappy with your old bed’s dimensions, then you need to ask yourself a few questions. Will you have enough space to move around after the bed is installed? Does your bed take up too much space or is it so small that you cannot relax? The right size of a bed is one that balances openness with comfort, making your bedroom the coziest place in the house.

  • Getting the height right

A truly comfortable bed is one that takes into account not only the size of the room but also of the person or persons who are going to use it. When choosing the bed frame, you must keep in mind the height of the mattress that you are going to choose and what it will do to the overall height of your bed. Beds which are too high or too low can make getting into and out of them stressful for your back. Since you will only change your bed 2-3 times in a lifetime, on average, it is advisable that you choose a bed which will also serve you as you advance in age. What might seem like a minor nuisance now can become a real problem later!

  • Matching the mattress

When buying a new bed, it is advisable to also get a new mattress along with it. The reason is that not all mattresses go with every bed. Even if the dimensions of your bed frame remain the same, the height can vary, which can make the overall height too high or too low. Also, different types of beds are compatible with different types of mattresses. Where spring mattresses go well with spring beds, slat beds are best paired with a foam mattress. 

  • Headboards are important

Headboards, more or less, define the style of the bed. You can go for traditional, intricately carved headboards or choose more contemporary minimal designs to go with your interiors. Just like a bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom, a headrest is the centerpiece of the bed. But this is not all that headrests do. The shape, height and the materials used in the headrest also dictate the comfort level you enjoy while sitting up in bed. If you are going to sit on your bed for extended periods of time, the best option is an upholstered headboard which rises above your shoulders and head. A gentle contour can also work wonders for your back!

  • What’s on the side? 

Side tables are the most functional feature of any bed. Not only do they add character to the space but also increases functionality. Side tables store everything from medicines, glasses, lamps, alarm clocks, mobile phones and books. Practically speaking, every bedtime routine requires a side table. The size of the side table and whether you are going to need one or two side tables is, of course, dictated by the kind of space you have; your personal requirements and priorities. Choose from cubic units, simple three-legged round tables or floating pieces – or even a side table that’s built into the bed itself – the options are endless!

A new bed is a long-term investment and now that you know what to watch out for, we are sure that you will make a wise decision. Happy building!

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