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Why Invest in a Hardwood Dining Set?

Hardwood Dining Tables have been around for a very long time. Interior styles have come and gone but these timeless beauties seem to have held their ground! Their continued popularity in this ever-changing world of household furniture is a combination of many different factors which have come together to make them a favourite across generations. 

  • Cleans like a Dream

    Although wood is notorious for being hard to clean, a well-made and polished hardwood dining set, or any piece of wooden furniture for that matter, requires next to no maintenance. After your meal, just wipe-clean any crumbs or spills on the dining set with a damp cloth. Simply dip the cloth in warm water which has a small amount of white vinegar and dish soap mixed in it. These will get rid of all the grease and particles on your table and chairs and leave them looking good as new!

    • Lasts Long. Really Long

    When visiting our grandparents, we have all seen antique-look pieces of wooden furniture that still hold after decades of use. Hardwood dining sets, when made with good quality wood, last for years on end without losing out on their strength… or their appearance! You will only need one for your lifetime, and after thirty years, it might still be in a good enough condition to pass on to your children!

    • Offers Better Returns

    Hardwood dining sets are a one-time investment which never stops giving good returns. Even after years of use, your dining set would only have acquired more character. If you’re moving house or want a change, chances are that you will end up turning a profit on selling the well-cared-for wooden dining table. Quality wooden furniture never goes out of fashion!

    • Adds Character

    From hosting elaborate luncheons and dinners to taking food pictures for your Instagram, wooden dining sets are the star of the show. A well-made hardwood dining table can add character to almost any room and sits well with most interior design looks. Whether you are going for deeper or lighter hues, whether you choose to expose the beautiful natural knots and markings of the wood or to smooth it all out into a clean, solid sheen, a wooden dining set makes an effortless design statement every time!

    It is almost impossible to find a piece of furniture as flawless as a hardwood dining set, and your home deserves one. Give your home a dash of timeless style that gains real financial value as time passes.

    Contact a Fevicol-certified furniture contractor to create a quality hardwood dining set. Call: 1800 26 70707.

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